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We work with our customers in precision medicine to solve problems in engineering, bioinformatics, science and translational medicine that involve clinical and 'omics data.

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NGS and PCR Diagnostics

We help speed up the reporting of clinical NGS tests, both somatic and germline.

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Deep First Hand Experience

We have deep first hand experience in the area, spanning tens of thousands of reports.



Our fast and nearly automated platform for small and large oncology panel reporting is based on ~10 years curation and automation.


Customer Experience

Our teams have helped build germline and somatic variant interpretation tools for multiple US diagnostic and device companies.


Pharma and Biomarker
Discovery Applications

We enable pharmaceutical companies with clinical data and bioinformatics solutions for target discovery, translational research and clinical research.

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Data Generation

We generate single-cell, spatial transcriptomics and genomics data from clinical samples in our India-based CAP lab.


Data Curation

We curate publicly available and client-specific omics data and develop custom ontologies for metadata and cell type annotations, with focus on single-cell and spatial transcriptomics.


Data Analysis

We build bioinformatics and tertiary analysis workflows that help go from raw reads to insights, and package these in software platforms to help lab scientists, bioinformaticians and curation scientists.


Genomics Software
Application Development

We help companies build omics software for managing and analyzing data and metadata from the entire gamut of omics modalities. We can help you accelerate releases and scale software operations.

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Track Record

We have a 20-year strong track record in product development for omics applications, e.g.,GeneSpring, MassProfiler Professional, and StrandNGS.


Wide Range of Experience

We have experience building visualization tools, rules engines, data management systems, user interfaces and algorithms. We have built applications for microarrays, genomics, transcriptomics, metabolomics and proteomics, as well as for metadata management, clinical reporting, electronic data capture, and provider portals.


Software Development for Regulatory Compliance

We develop software for HIPAA- and FDA-compliant software accompanying medical devices and genomics tests.

Decades of

Drawing on 23 years of domain experience, we are a team of over 300 highly trained curation scientists, software engineers, testing engineers, bioinformaticians and clinical researchers.

We are headquartered in Bangalore, which is also where we were founded, and have close ties with the Bay Area and San Diego, where many of our customers are based.








Global Perspective

A Word from
Our Clients

Strand did a fantastic job helping us curate a canine database for the purpose of assay design, interpretation, and reporting. They worked as an extension of our team, and played a critical part in helping PetDx with bioinformatics and laboratory protocols that supported the development the OncoK9(tm) test

Chief Technology Officer, PetDx

We were very impressed with the quality of work and timeliness; you’re definitely our go-to for bioinformatics consulting.

Director, Bioinformatics, Illumina

We were immensely impressed by Strand's ability to rapidly recruit a substantially sized clinical cohort of cancer patients, and to design and run a complex liquid biopsy panel on samples drawn from the cohort, all in roughly a year's time.

Dr. Nishant Agarwal

Chief of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery and Director of Head and Neck Surgical Oncology, University of Chicago

Strand did a fantastic job helping us characterize the analytical performance of our gene expression panel. They worked as an extension of our team, and played a critical part in ramping up our assay development efforts.

Vice President - Research and Development, Early Stage Molecular Diagnostic Company, San Francisco

We have been using the StrandOmics pipeline to analyze and generate a report for our clinical cancer panels for over three years now. I would highly recommend using it to analyze data generated from clinical cancer NGS panels and the outputted clinical report provided after analysis.

Senior Scientist/Medical Laboratory Director for NY State, PrimBio Research Institute

Prathyush [Strand developer] has been my go-to person for complex stories. He has always had a holistic approach to the solution instead of diving right into the problem

Engineer, Illumina

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22 Mar 2024

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26 Feb 2024

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27 Mar 2023

Chris Hemsworth and the risk of Alzheimer’s Disease

Dr. Ramesh Hariharan

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03 Apr 2023

Why is Genomics Key to the Future of Preventive Healthcare?

Dr. Ramesh Hariharan

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Written by- Dr. Ramesh Hariharan

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