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Diagnostics Applications

We help you accelerate variant interpretation and reporting and help you to get your assays off the ground fast.


StrandIris generates clinical reports from VCF files obtained from somatic NGS testing using small panels with tens of genes as well as large panels with ≈500 genes. Iris uses a thorough rule set and curation of the literature for automated:

Effect prediction for variants in 520 genes

Therapy annotation with AMP tiers for ≈112 FDA-approved drugs and 748 targeted drugs

Identification of clinical trials from ≈68,000 clinical trials.

Iris has been tried and tested in over 5,000 reports, and covers the numerous subtleties that come with the field.

Variant Curation
and Reporting

Our Variant Curation and Reporting services are powered by experience gained over tens of thousands of reports and a proven track record of variant curation under ACMG (germline) and AMP (somatic) guidelines. We help major Dx companies create curated variant databases or provide reporting-ready variant content.

NGS Assay Validation

We have reliable expertise in establishing limits of detection, sensitivity, specificity, and reproducibility for various variant types in somatic, germline, and liquid biopsy settings. Our services include:

Generation of data using appropriately sourced control samples (from commercial sources as well as from our own internal library of samples)

Analysis of data generated by our customers to deliver analytical and clinical validation reports for CLIA, CAP and NY State certification

Software Service

Our software service teams help our customers streamline and automate their lab processes, including for ex.:

Deployment and scale-up of secondary analysis (fastq to variant calls)

Streamlining of tertiary analysis (variant calls to reports)

Ordering and report delivery (physician portals)

Supporting research infrastructure (e.g., EDC systems for clinical research, aggregate data pools for mining)

Frequently Asked

Our nearly automated StrandIris software takes in VCF files and generates a clinical report with AMP-tiered clinical therapies within 2-3 minutes.

See StrandIris microsite for more information.
Strand’s team of Curation Scientists has manually compiled a comprehensive somatic variant knowledge base (KB) consisting of 520+ genes, 112 FDA-approved targeted drugs, and nearly 70K clinical trials, which empowers variant interpretation and clinical reporting. This KB undergoes regular reviews and updates. We also monitor medical abstracts, and conference literature to stay up-to-date with current professional guidelines

See StrandIris microsite for more information.
Our nearly automated software, equipped with a comprehensive and up-to-date KB, powered by a diligently laid-out variant/therapy classification rules engine assists clinicians in generating reports that facilitate informed decisions without inundating them with information.

See StrandIris microsite for more information.
Our collaboration with Dr. Nishant Agarwal, Head of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Chicago, led to the successful development of a sensitive and cost-effective liquid biopsy panel for OCSCC detection. This breakthrough also spawned a spinoff company, OrisDx, dedicated to molecular diagnostics using saliva biomarkers.

See for more information.
Strand built a custom NGS panel that would cover >85% of patients with OCSCC in any cohort. The assay achieved 100% sensitivity and 99.97% specificity. This precision in design prioritizes essential genes of clinical significance, effectively reducing costs and ensuring affordability while maintaining comprehensive coverage.

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The PP streamlines the workflow for ordering tests and viewing results, reducing delays and enhancing data accuracy. We’ve incorporated mandatory information checks and insurance eligibility checks to ensure completeness and accuracy in test requests.

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