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Genomics Software
Application Development

We help you build complex genomic software for managing and analyzing data and metadata from the entire gamut of omics modalities. We can help you accelerate releases and scale software operations.

Product Development

We have a strong track record in product development for complex Genomic Applications, e.g., GeneSpring and MassProfiler Pro, for Agilent and StrandNGS. We extend our software development services to US-based large diagnostics, instrument, and reagent companies. We are an Illumina ICA implementation partner and have similar relationships with Agilent as well as a large pharma and diagnostics company, to name only 3 of our notable clientele.

Algorithm Verification
and Validation (CDx/IVD)

We have deep experience building and validating algorithms and software accompanying NGS assays, including generating hand-crafted test cases and clinical-grade documentation.

Bioinformatics Product
Development for Internal Use

We leverage our expertise in secondary and tertiary NGS software to build custom tools to empower our India clinical diagnostics business.

StrandNGS is our integrated platform for NGS secondary analysis, management, and visualization.

StrandOmics is our HIPAA-compliant platform for variant classification and interpretation, thus powering NGS tertiary analysis.

Together, StrandNGS and StrandOmics enable secondary analysis and variant reporting from somatic, inherited cancer risk and rare disease exome panels spanning ≈10,000 tests per annum.


Frequently Asked

MPP is a chemometrics software package for MS analysis developed by Strand for Agilent. It allows for the convenient import of various types of MS data, such as GC/MS and LC/MS, from large sample sets and complex experiments. MPP integrates advanced statistical tools and visualizations for differential analysis, univariate and multivariate statistics, pattern recognition, variable reduction, and more.

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Strand’s approach involves comprehensive unit testing, performance assessments, and documentation to meet FDA-IVD standards. We also focus on optimization for speed. In a recent engagement, we achieved up to a 300-fold increase in the performance speed of certain secondary analysis pipelines for a key customer.

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Strand employs extensive unit testing with several hundred hand-crafted test cases for each component, achieving greater than 90% test coverage each time. We have also documented procedures to meet FDA-IVD standards.

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Yes, Strand has a proven track record of customizing workflow management solutions to meet the specific needs of clients, including implementing NGS analysis pipelines in different computing environments. We recently implemented secondary analysis NGS pipelines in Nexflow and Snakemake for two diagnostics clients.

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StrandOmics is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform developed by Strand for variant classification and interpretation. It enables visualization, prioritization, and reporting of somatic variants. This customizable platform has played a pivotal role in generating over 30,000 clinical reports for our diagnostics business and global customers.

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